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Evamatic® 5

Device Description

The evamatic® is a handpiece equipped with a pneumatic motor which will drive the end of the cannula in a nutation movement (precession movement) allowing the grease to be gently extracted (N.I.L.® technique). Learn more about the N.I.L.® technique.

Evamatic® complies with European standards (CE marking).

This product is a medical device intended for qualified health professionals.

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The evamatic® 5 is the latest generation of evamatic® that allow an which allows optimal nutation and excellent emulsion results. Indeed, its characteristics are as follows:

• Directly integrated cannula holder into the handpiece, better elongation
• Active security system (stopping when in contact with non-fatty tissues)
• No thermal release
• Micro-pumping system allowing an acceleration of the fat removal without increasing the depression
• Nutation movement for excellent emulsion results
• Infrasonic frequency (lower than 25 Hz)


This tool uses the N.I.L® (Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture®) technique and therefore has many advantages.

Advantages for the surgeon :

  • The work is easier and less tiring , which means a more precise gesture
  • The access to difficult and delicate areas (back, fibrous zones, …) is facilitated.
  • Delicate zones (knees, calves, buttocks…) can be worked with high precision.
  • Operative time is shorter.

Avdantages for the patient :

The patient also feels the positive effects of an intervention with evamatic®:

  • The technique used is less traumatic for the body, which means less bruising, ecchymosis and oedemas.
  • Evamatic® and the N.I.L. ® also cause less pain.
  • The skin retractation is excellent.
  • Postoperative recovery is shorter.
  • All areas can be treated, even the most delicate.


The evamatic® is shipped in a storage case containing :

• 1 evamatic® 5 handpiece
• 1 maintenance oil
• 1 cleaning key
• 1 tightening key
• 1 cylindrical cleaning brush
• 1 manual handle
• Optional : 1 infiltration cannula and/or 1 suction cannula

Evamatic® 5

Technical Specification

Evamatic® 5

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Evamatic® 5


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