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Eva sp® 6

Device Description

Eva sp® 6 allows not only a quantitative nutational infrasonic infiltration but also a nutational infrasonic liposculpture.

The device is fully digital and complies with European standards (CE marking).

This product is a medical device intended for use by qualified healthcare professionals.

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If you are an individual, for more information, please refer to your healthcare professional.


The advantages of the Eva sp® 6 are numerous:

• Connective tissues are preserved: better skin retraction, less bleeding, oedema, bruising and pain. The recovery time is shorter.
• The infiltration is constant, deep, homogeneous and controlled, regardless of the type of fat.
• The infrasonic frequency (<25 Hz) is comfortable for the patient.
• The work for the surgeon is easier and more precise. It is also shorter.
• The surgeon has better access to delicate and difficult areas.
• L’Eva sp® 6 is compatible with N.L.F. System® lipofilling kit (1 & 2).


Eva sp® 6 includes:

• Digitalized control box
• High-speed aspirator
• Quantitative infiltration system
• Evamatic®
• Complete set of cannulas
• Accessories: infiltration and aspiration cannulas, air tubing, fat tubing, Eva sp® 6 infiltration tubing, infusion lines, 3-liter canisters, canister jars, pedals

Discover also the Eva sp® 7, equipped with a 15-inch touch screen allowing precise visualization throughout the liposculpture.

Eva sp® 6

Technical Specification

Eva sp® 6

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Eva sp® 6


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    General surgery




    Cellec V

    Vascular / Pigmented lesions

    Photo Shower™ technology

    All skin type


    Eva sp® 6

    Nutational infrasonic infiltration

    Infrasonic liposculpture

    Fully digital and complies CE


    Eva sp® 2

    Uniform  infiltration

    Has aspiration system

    Complies with EU standards



    Faster toning

    Safer toning

    More effective toning



    World’s fastest shot speed

    Invasive & Non-invasive

    Insulated & Non-insulated