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BI-One LIfe Touch Therapy

Device Description

The handpieces equipped with Bi-one® LifeTouchTherapy are ergonomic, light and easy to use. They are realized in fireproof resin in class 0 and the surface designed to be in contact with the skin is certified non-cytotoxic ISO 10993. They combine three different forms of energy and are provided with a state-of-the-art diagnostic system.

Biodermogenesi® patent was selected by the Presidency of the Council among 259 Italian patents for the higher technological and innovative content.

The Bi-one® LifeTouchTherapy is a non-invasive device for skin regeneration and works thanks to a synergy based on electromagnetic fields combined with electrostimulation and vacuum.

This synergy has shown that we can regenerate our skin by reorganizing its structure. The quantitative and qualitative increase of type III collagen and elastic fibers and cell mitosis are combined with a reorganization of the basement membrane and the recovery of melanocytes functionality.

Fields of Application

Red and white stretch marks on every skin phototype.

Work Program

From 6 to 12 sessions, scheduled in advance with the BODY SHAPING.

evaluation form, to be carried out every 1 or 2 a week.


  • Effective on any stretch mark of any date 1,2,3,4.
  • Effective on all skin phototypes.
  • Simultaneous reduction of skin ptosis
  • Average filling of the stretch mark sulcus 83.55%
  • Regeneration of type III collagen determined with histochemistry.
  • Qualitative and quantitative increase of elastic fibers determined with histochemistry.
  • Neoangiogenesis within the stretch mark determined with histochemistry
  • Production of neomelanocytes within the stretch mark determined with histochemistry
  • Reorganization of the basement membrane.
  • Stretch mark tanning on 100% of patients undergoing a complete cycle of sessions
  • Reduction of the tactile evidence of stretch marks.
  • Absolute absence of side effects and downtime.

Patient with white, opaque, and deep stretch marks present for seven years. After the Biodermogenesi® treatment, we can see a clear improvement of the striae, filled and leveled but perfectly tanned, which looks similar to the surrounding tissue. Archive: School of Dermatology – University of Pisa

Patient with deep and opaque stretch marks that cover the buttocks completely; after a cycle of Biodermogenesi® sessions and the simultaneous sun exposure, the regeneration of the striae is visible, which are perfectly filled and tanned to integrate with the surrounding tissue. Archive: Dr. Claudio Urbani – Rome

A young patient with red stretch marks presumably due to intense activity in the gym. Biodermogenesi® also allows for tissue regeneration and consequent tanning with regular sun exposure. Archive: Dr. P.A. Bacci – Arezzo

The patient with dense and complex stretch marks; after Biodermogenesi® treatment and two tanning cycles, we see a perfect filling and the consequent tan of the striae, consequently making the imperfection invisible. Archive: Dr. P.A. Bacci, S. Frappi – Arezzo

45-year-old patient after a cycle of Biodermogenesi® sessions. Here we see a remarkable regeneration of stretch marks and a noticeable skin firming of the area, improved both in the profile and in the opening of the navel. Archive: Center of Therapeutic Excellence Biodermogenesi® – Florence

Biodermogenesi® seans döngüsü öncesinde genç Newly formed red stretch marks on a young man’s arm subjected to a cycle of Biodermogenesi® sessions. Striae have regenerated, and their color has become very similar to the surrounding skin. Archive: Dr. G. Alberti – Palermo

BI-One LIfe Touch Therapy

Technical Specification

BI-One LIfe Touch Therapy

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BI-One LIfe Touch Therapy


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